Epsilon’s response network makes cross-channel integration possible with social media tool

Dallas, TX — September 08, 2014 — Epsilon, the global leader in helping clients create customer connections that build brand and business equity, today announced the launch of the Social Media Tool, a new feature within the Harmony Epsilon Response Network (ERN)*. First introduced in September 2012, the Harmony ERN combines a rich cooperative database, sourced from contributing clients’ activity data, with a powerful set of marketing tools that allow marketers to personalize marketing campaigns, ensuring their marketing messages are delivered in the right channel, at the right time, for the individual consumer.

The Harmony ERN Social Media Tool allows marketers to identify which consumers on a marketer’s list are active on social sites and monitor the topics that are driving interest among the brand’s most loyal consumers. Brands can use that information to create personalized, omnichannel campaigns that appeal to their customers and drive brand engagement.

The Social Media Tool, which gives users access to a comprehensive dashboard, will offer marketers unique insights and capabilities:

  • Leveraging the understanding of which consumers on a marketer’s email list are socially active, the ERN allows marketers to understand the email topics that are driving the greatest interest among the marketer’s socially active consumers.
  • The Consumer Interest Analysis identifies trends in social media posts that are relevant to the marketer—as consumers show growing interest in a topic that is meaningful to the marketer, the marketer is informed of the trend and can drive more relevant social and email marketing efforts.
  • The ERN’s email activity assessment helps marketers identify the most engaged email recipients on their marketing list.
  • Most importantly, the ERN ties all of these elements together, identifying the company’s true brand advocates—individuals who are large consumers of the brand’s email content and engaged with social media—and providing actionable insight in the topics driving interest today.

“Many marketers understand the necessity of a cross-channel vision, but few have been able to make it a reality. The Social Media Tool allows marketers to create a true cross-channel marketing experience, leading to more relevant marketing wherever the brand and consumer meet,” said Quinn Jalli, Senior Vice President of Epsilon’s Strategic Initiatives Group. “Marketers often have deep visibility into customer behavior across the email and mobile channels, but not social. Furthermore, they typically treat each incarnation of the customer in the individual channels as a separate customer. For the first time, marketers can gain true cross-channel understanding of their customers and take appropriate action as a result.”

Just two years after initial launch, Epsilon’s Response Network continues to add the most advanced marketing tools to provide unprecedented insight into individual customer behavior. Over 40 clients currently use the Epsilon Response Network. To-date, the ERN’s scheduling intelligence capability has improved marketer’s email campaigns, increasing open rates by 11% and click rates by 10%.

*Epsilon’s Response Network was first introduced as the Email Response Network. In August 2014, it was rebranded as Epsilon’s Response Network to reflect its cross-channel impact.