3 ways to reinvent the email experience

Sending a flood of promotional emails to drive short-term sales is an outdated strategy. The true power of email lies in using the tool as an outcomes-based channel that drives conversations over time. Here are a few ways to rethink email.

1. The email renaissance is far from over.

The pandemic increased the importance of email as online shopping expanded. Email’s agile nature gives brands the ability to meet customers where they are.

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2. Brands should invest in updating email infrastructure.

By doing so, brands also invest in personalization and dynamic creative optimization. This goes beyond personalizing subject lines to creating unique emails for each individual.

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3. Interactive content is critical to standing out.

Elements that customers tap, swipe or click on can improve click-to-open rates by 300% and double conversions.

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Image credits: Michael Blann / Digitalvision / Getty Images