9 ways healthcare marketers improve the customer experience

Today’s healthcare marketer is focused on optimizing every phase of the customer experience. As a strong focus remains on the technology components to improve the customer experience, it’s important to realize that technology is fundamental in creating these experiences.

However, it’s the data-driven techniques and the human insights and feedback, along with finding the right combination of strategy and technology, that allows marketers to connect with their customers on a 1:You level to create personalized experiences.

As some of our healthcare clients have shared with us, it’s ‘the next big thing’ that’s forthcoming for modern marketers, that is 1:You communications (and personalized experiences).

At Epsilon, we’re always thinking ahead and are prepared for the future of marketing. Marketers can take their programs to the next level with our continuous development of new strategies such as using third-party data to round out profiles of HCPs interests and preferences to take segmentation far beyond deciles and inform communications.

Additionally, our Rx impact and engagement analyses products and predictive and promotion mix models, which are all supported by our analytic scientists help our clients to achieve 1:You.

We understand that personalization is preferred and is essential in improving the customer experience. In fact, we learned that 80% of people are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

So how can you ensure your taking every step possible to improve each of your customer’s experiences?

Consider these nine tips:

  1. Create a unified customer experience
  2. Understand the benefits of content marketing
  3. How data and analytics can impact your bottom line
  4. Why B2B marketers should speak to people, not businesses
  5. The benefits of an integrated marketing and sales organization
  6. How data drives experiences across channels, devices and locations
  7. Create an environment of customer-oriented marketing teams
  8. Why marketing automation is essential for success
  9. Understand what fuels the orchestration of the entire customer journey

Marketing is complex and there’s a lot to think about and plan for. From leveraging these tips, you can create a framework for establishing the best experience for your customers.

Download our e-book, The journey toward better: 9 ways healthcare marketers can enhance the customer experience, to assist as you’re creating (or modifying) your framework/plan.

Within the e-book, we share a detailed overview of each insight in addition to actionable steps in which you can take now. For example, with our tip of “create a unified customer experience”, we inform marketers to rely on data-driven creative, develop a content strategy and use your partners’ unique insights.

And remember, it’s a journey. One that begins with using data and insights to know each customer in a specific way, anticipating their needs, connecting at the right moments and providing ongoing value that drives engagement and stickiness.