Acquire new customers with richer insights using clean rooms

Marketers are struggling with new ways to uncover new customers, but they don’t have to be.

While retention strategies remain top-of-mind for many brands, finding new customers is important, too. The problem? Many brands don’t know which strategy will be most affective in finding them. Whether they don’t know who’s in-market for their product or they don’t have enough data to understand their best customers and find people like them, marketers may feel like acquisition is an impossible task.

Did you know that a data clean room might be the answers to your acquisition challenges? These data-rich spaces put the power back into the hands of marketers to not only find new customers, but ones who are ready to buy right now. Clean rooms empower marketers to find new in-market customers and then activate on a person-level to reduce ad waste. Here's how.

The ins and outs of clean room

Brands are already reeling from the effects of third-party cookie deprecation—Google is the only browser where third-party cookies are still used, and plans to completely get rid of them in 2024. And with Apple limiting the use of its mobile device ID, known as Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), it’s becoming increasingly difficult for digital advertisers to target, measure and personalize campaigns.

Clean rooms help bridge that gap. Because Epsilon’s clean room solution uses person-based identifiers—not cookies—we offer customer insights on customers who look like a brand’s best customers.

Our proprietary online and offline data coupled with our persistent identity resolution helps brands fill in gaps about potential customers: their demographic and lifestyle information, their browsing behaviors and their preferred devices, for example.

One quick service restaurant client wanted to see a more persistent and connected view of their current guests and potential customers to drive more visits. Using an Epsilon clean room that housed multiple data sources—including their own—they gained a deeper understanding of their customers, including: 

  • How frequently they ate with the restaurant and at which locations
  • What time of day they typically visited the restaurant
  • What they were buying

This, coupled with owned and competitive store visitation data gave them insights in how to increase visits among existing guests and how to entice new guests to choose them over their competitors all through better advertising.

The results? They had a 35% increase in in-store visitations for the people they messaged and identified four areas of growth for future messaging opportunities with newly acquired customers.

Delivering high performing digital advertising

Like the quick service restaurant, brands  want to make sure they’re reaching the right prospects, and that they’re doing so with the right messages on the right devices.

Clean rooms, including Epsilon’s clean room, can activate with a variety of digital media partners, but our solution ties directly into Epsilon Digital. Compared to competitors, Epsilon Digital connects brands with two to three times more of their in-market customers on the open web, including people using Apple devices.

Because we use persistent, person-based identifiers, we can find people regardless of what browser or device they’re using, giving brands the confidence that they’re speaking to the correct prospects. And, more importantly, that they’re speaking to real people.

No need to ask yourself ‘Why Epsilon?” We got it right here.

Epsilon’s clean room’s flexible activation delivers the highest performing personalized audiences and measurement across owned and paid channels to reach users across all media, channels and devices. With Epsilon, clients can maximize digital media reach with endless possibilities across all digital channels. CORE ID is the industry’s most accurate, stable and scalable identity resolution solution, reaching and recognizing over 255 million people and delivering 95% of impressions.

Epsilon’s clean rooms are aligned with the client’s goals providing transparency about where  data goes, delivering a whole solution, and up and running in weeks; not months. Brands can start having immediate impact with us.

Our clean room solution unlocks insights and audiences that accelerate brand growth. When brands better understand their prospective customers, they can speak to them in meaningful ways that resonate.