In times of uncertainty, data helps us stay connected

Marketing to your customers during this time has changed. Being transparent and authentic in each and every communication is more important than ever. Data is the fuel that drives these communications and marketing campaigns. It connects consumers to brands and helps create an emotional relationship while establishing trust in their products and services. But when uncertainty continues, it’s easy to become distracted. Marketers need to stay focused on what’s in our control. Understanding the types of data sets that are available to enhance first-party data will help you provide the most value to your customers during this time, in turn creating loyalty for your brand into the future.

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Now is the time to review ‘the inventory’ of your data; the third-party data you have and the data you’ll need to improve your targeting and analytics. Keep in mind that transactional data can help improve the performance of your campaigns. It provides insights into buying behavior which helps to determine who consumers are, where they shop, what channel they prefer, and their likelihood to purchase again. It can also help identify those with the highest potential and purchasing power. The combination of transactional data and descriptive data (such as demographic and lifestyle data) helps marketers create more personalized, relevant messages. Having the right data that is actionable to help improve your targeting and messaging is more critical now than ever before. You need to maximize your marketing investment and reach the right customer, in the right channel with a message that resonates. Are you well-positioned to do this? If your answer isn’t a resounding yes, then it’s time to re-evaluate your data needs.

In this current moment, messages need to shift from transactional (promotional) to building relationships with your customers. As a marketer, you need to understand what’s important to your customer today.

For example, I recently received an email from a hotel that my family and I like to vacation at during the summertime, and the message was from the hotel’s chef in which he shared recipes of selected food options of their restaurant’s menu. This message was helpful and relevant to my family’s current needs as we’re cooking in every night and always looking for new recipes. Had this hotel decided to send me a message about summertime specials and offered a discount for ‘booking now’, this would not have been well received. With today’s uncertainty, we don’t know what the future holds and as marketers, we need to be nimble and adjust our plans accordingly.

But as we’re adjusting our plans, one thing remains constant. And that’s the importance of building trust with your customers. Now more than ever is a time to demonstrate your brand’s empathy and connect emotionally with your customers and to remind them that safety is your number one priority. Remember, during this crisis your customers  are focused on individual safety, security and stability, having a feeling of trust in the brands they partner with, creating an emotional bond and convenience and ease of use. As a brand, you need to understand these needs and adjust your marketing plans accordingly. And as you’re making these marketing adjustments, remember, quality data that is actionable is key to driving successful campaigns.

To help you evaluate the quality of your data, consider what’s important to your brand. In our data quality e-book, we outline ten assessment criteria to consider when evaluating data quality, some of which include accuracy, transparency and consistency. The assessment will not only help you to evaluate the quality, but will ensure you have the right data to meet your needs.

So as you’re navigating this “business unusual landscape”, we are here for you. Our investment in our data assets, combined with our commitment to privacy and quality, can help you survive and thrive during this trying time. We are here for you as your trusted data adviser, today and always.

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