Innovation at the heart of our operation

Disrupting today’s marketplace requires incredible human insight, the kind that inspires big innovative ideas. It also requires data and technology expertise to accurately identify individuals and deliver personalized interactions to consumers at scale. Within our new home at Publicis Groupe, we are more excited than ever to accelerate innovation for our clients and elevate all our assets to a disruptive level.

Epsilon was built on the belief that talent is the strength and driving force behind success. By focusing manically on cultivating the best people, we have been able to consistently drive results and growth for clients, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in this industry. This commitment led us to be named one of the top 50 Best Places to Work For Innovators by Fast Company alongside some of the world’s largest companies including Amazon, P&G, Morgan Stanley and many others. The recognition is a true testament to our mission to transform every customer experience into a more human experience, through constant innovation. Our core assets—data, technology and a powerful roster of clients that include the world’s best brands—each inspire innovation and help us drive transformation in the industry.


Our long heritage in data allows us to understand people in unprecedented ways. With billions of transactions tied to real people, we unlock new sources of growth for marketers and an ability to drive personalized experiences at scale. We believe every one of these experiences should be personal and purposeful, as customers want to be recognized, respected and protected. That’s why we built a powerful, data-fueled marketing platform that harnesses insight and activates data across channels through industry-leading email, loyalty and CRM capabilities to drive client growth, eliminate marketing inefficiency and ultimately make every interaction count.

Marketing is evolving rapidly as the preferences and needs of consumers change, and technology and media advances. By staying one step ahead of these constant changes and focusing on innovation over time, we have built a stable, enduring business.


For decades, our strength was in building custom loyalty and CRM solutions for world-class brands. In the past two years, we innovated a massive shift in our offerings by launching over a dozen packaged, easy-to-implement technology and service offerings, speeding up our time to market and right-sizing our offerings for clients that were pushing us to be more nimble.

We believe innovating for internal efficiency is equally important. Our creative tech engineers developed a series of tools that allow us to deliver personalized digital advertising to consumers in real time and at scale. 

The World’s Top Brands

We define innovation as progress: forward and onward movement with an ultimate destination in mind. A forward-thinking mind-set is critical when working with the world’s largest brands. Our teams help brands like Sephora, Dunkin’, Dell and Walgreens with everything they need to engage their customers in ongoing, rich, rewarding conversations that make people feel recognized, respected and protected.

Publicis Groupe and Epsilon are companies built to serve the CMO, acting as a trusted guide through transformation and change. As we begin the next chapter together, we have the talent, the assets and a commitment to innovation that fundamentally transforms how brands approach marketing. And we have the most demanding brands in the world in our client roster, which is what fuels our drive for success.