Not all identity resolution partners are created equal

Better data management, personalization, engagement and campaign measurement: All that is possible if brands get identity resolution right. To help brands choose the right identity partner, Forrester defined four segments that vendors’ capabilities can be categorized under in its Now Tech: Identity Resolution, Q3 2020 report.

1. Onboarding

Brand goal: Extend customer engagement

Functionality: Makes offline data available for online use and matches known consumer IDs with pseudonymous online identifiers

Use case: Onboarding data from a retailer’s CRM enables it to match and identify loyalty members online so it can suppress those consumers from loyalty sign-up campaigns.

2. First-person personally identifiable information (PII) identity

Brand goal: Build a complete view of the customer

Functionality: Manages identities of known consumers based on name-based information. Offers a proprietary, persistent identifier created from a database of known consumer IDs, present and past personal data, and third-party sources

Use case: A CPG company with multiple product lines, brands and systems of record (e.g., CRM) creates a single view of each customer across the enterprise with the goal of ensuring relevant customer experiences and understanding lifetime value.

3. Digital identity

Brand goal: Target and personalize across online channels

Functionality: Connects pseudonymous consumer data from digital data management use cases. Builds anonymized consumer profiles through matching techniques

Use case: A travel brand creates a single view of its in-market target customers online by connecting anonymous shopper profiles with the devices and digital touchpoints where they can be reached. This lets the brand target, personalize and measure omnichannel digital campaigns at individual, household or device levels.

4. Embedded digital identity

Brand goal: Activate digital campaigns

Functionality: Offers digital identity in addition to marketing and advertising activation capabilities, such as a demand-side platform. Helps develop and execute precise and scaled campaigns

Use case: A financial services brand targets consumers online who have shown intent to refinance a mortgage. The marketing team can deliver personalized messaging to these individuals in real time.

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