Email open rates at a two-year high

Email open rates continue to rise with business as usual (BAU) emails reporting open rates of 35.6% in Q2 2016, higher than any other quarter in a two-year period (Q2 2014 – Q2 2016), according to Epsilon's Q2 2016 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks results. 

“Marketers are laser-focused on measuring and optimizing programs and tactics to drive business growth and email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for marketers to reach their customers,” shared Judy Loschen, Senior Vice President, Strategic Consulting at Epsilon. “The optimal way to leverage the email channel is by uncovering customer insights to deliver a personalized message that will reach customers at the most opportune time and make a lasting impression, and to do this in concert with other marketingchannels for a seamless brand experience.”

Business as usual methodology and email trends

The quarterly BAU analysis was compiled from 8.5 billion emails sent in North America by approximately 150 Epsilon clients in Q2 (April – June) 2016 across multiple industries.

Key findings from the Q2 2016 report include:

  • The Q2 2016 open rate of 35.6% was above Q1 2016 (33.3%) and notably higher than Q2 2015 (30.5%)
  • Click rates for Q2 2016 showed good performance at 3.5%, in line with Q1 2016 (3.4%) but slightly lower than Q2 2015 (3.6%)
  • Non-bounce rates increased to 96.9% from Q1 2016 (95.6%), and are slightly higher than Q2 2015 (96.0%).

In Q2 2016, the Financial Services – General industry drove the highest open rates across the twelve industries analyzed in the report with a 53.7% open rate. Consumer Publishing/Media – General saw the highest click rates (5.2%) and the highest click-to-open rates (23.5%).

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