Text for success: How SMS offers brands a direct line to customers

CMOs should get the message: Texts are an effective way to reach consumers, boasting open rates as high as 98%, according to Gartner. SMS offers brands a direct line to customers, allowing them to take personalization to an even deeper level and increase convenience, which in turn encourages sales.

The pandemic has also accelerated SMS marketing as people spend more time at home on their phones. Prior to the pandemic, 51% of U.S. retailers planned to increase their investment in messaging and SMS platforms, according to eMarketer. By June 2020, that figure rose to 56%. Here’s a look at brands that are getting SMS marketing right.

CORE Image_NuulyNuuly

This monthly clothing subscription service allows members to rent clothing from brands such as Anthropologie and Free People with the option to purchase.

The company texts customers with reminders to return unpurchased items and to alert them when they’re eligible for their next monthly subscription.

CORE Image_XiidraXiidra

This prescription medication for dry eyes uses SMS to deliver electronic copay savings cards to patients.

Once they’ve opted in, users can click on the unique link they receive via text and add the card to their mobile wallet for future use.

CORE Image_AspenAspen Dental

The dental practice group uses SMS to ask patients to confirm their appointment and sends a link to fill out insurance forms.

If a patient misses their appointment, Aspen sends a text encouraging them to call the office and reschedule. Post-appointment, a text is sent to ask patients to book their next visit or thank them for already doing so.


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