The Drum: How ChatGPT and Lensa AI are transforming creative work

AI applications have become widespread and now have the potential to fill in business efficiency gaps, spanning industries from finance, to healthcare to more creative spaces. According to the Forbes Technology Council, jobs within the sales, manufacturing, grocery and business writing sectors will also experience some degree of AI integration within the next decade.

In a recent article published in The Drum, Epsilon Senior Vice President of Creative Stacy Ward writes about how this new technology is continually evolving, and its impact could be huge.

AI has brought a changing tide of creative work.

"For marketers, creative work is what forms the emotional connection between data and customers," Ward writes. "It’s no surprise, then, that most marketing departments have a slew of in-house automation tools that support creative development. This is propelled, in part, by the increasing expectation of personalization from today’s consumers, which has required brands to rethink how they meet the scale of creative assets required."

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