Where to start with clean rooms? Digiday says Epsilon

If your brand is on the lookout for a clean room solution, look no further than Epsilon, according to Digiday that is. Epsilon's PeopleCloud Prospect was recently named the Best Partner Clean Room as part of Digiday's 2022 Technology awards which recognizes companies that are exploring new technologies and adapting to meet the needs of the digital media industry.

Data clean rooms are privacy-safe environments that use anonymized data to facilitate data sharing. This includes advanced audience identification, activation and measurement—all of which improve cross-channel performance. At Epsilon, our privacy-safe clean room spans first-, second- and third-party data. This allows us to give brands a 360-degree view of customers and prospects aligned with our person-based CORE ID. All of which is housed in a secure data bunker, so both consumers and brands can feel good about delivering relevant messages in the right way.

The complete Digiday list of winners can be found here.

Why Epsilon stands out

The win underscores how Epsilon uses its clean room technology and data graphs to help brands, agencies and publishers reach their prospects and customers across all online channels. With Epsilon’s clean room solution, brands are able to analyze the entire customer journey—especially important in the face of third-party cookie depreciation.   

  • A complete solution: Our consumer profiles are pre-loaded and linked to opt-in customer data. You can easily control who has access to that data and how it’s used.
  • Unique person-level data:  Effectively respond to intent signals across all customers and prospects with a granular data environment for person-level insights, modeling and audience activation.
  • Complete cross-channel activation: Aligning data to our future-proofed people-based identity across all brand touchpoints, devices and groups gives brands a privacy-safe, comprehensive view of its prospect universe. 

Looking to learn more?

Understanding how your brand can benefit from a clean room solution can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. 

And check out our website for more information on Epsilon’s clean room solution.