The right ad tech partner: 5 signs you might be settling

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Have you ever settled for "good enough" in your love life? The same can happen with your ad tech partner. If you’re finding yourself sighing at your match rates and ROAS and saying, “every relationship has its slumps,” please know they don’t have to. You—and your customers—deserve better.

In this Adweek-hosted webinar recording, Epsilon’s Matt Feczko and Stan Lippelman, CMO of Visionworks talk about Visionworks’ digital advertising challenges and their journey to finding the right partner to help build stronger customer relationships. You’ll learn:

  • Five red flags you’re not getting what you need from your current provider
  • Essential capabilities to seek in your ad tech Prince(ss) Charming
  • How to navigate the selection process & the right questions to ask
  • What a healthy relationship looks like: the Epsilon/Visionworks story