AdExchanger Innovation Labs 2021: The Quest for Identity

As brands elevate their first-party data strategies, getting to a single customer view is paramount.

Are you curious about how executives across industries are enriching first-party data and augmenting individual profiles to get to better business outcomes? Or preparing for third-party cookie deprecation and IDFA, especially if they’re behind? 

This roundtable will offer an up-to-the-minute assessment of the dramatic disruption to how audiences are identified and measured in a privacy-first world. Learnings include: 

  • Why first-party data is essential for marketers to have, but simply having it is not enough.
  • The importance of marketers being proactive to the changing landscape instead of reactive.
  • How as the role of omnichannel marketing expands, identity is only going to become more critical.

Jon Beebe, SVP of Product Strategy & Insights at Epsilon, leads the roundtable discussion with leaders from AB InBev, Conagra Brands and Lowe’s.

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