Fix disconnected customer experiences with a better tech stack

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With so many marketing channels, partners and technologies, many brands are struggling to unify their customer experience across their various activations. And the growing number of data challenges and the deprecation of third-party cookies only amplify this issue. The solution is a connected tech stack, which leverages first-party data to provide a more seamless, person-first experience while enhancing your team’s ability to collaborate.

Uncover why a connected tech stack can deliver a truly person-first approach to marketing from guest speaker Roger Beharry Lall, research director at IDC, and Joe Doran, chief product officer at Epsilon.

Key takeaways:

  • Why a connected tech stack with native identity offers a more holistic view of each person, fueling better campaigns
  • How to build true omnichannel marketing with first-party data at the center for both strategy and execution that you can measure against
  • How connected tech increases ROAS, reduces media inefficiency and bolsters collaborative goals