Understanding your audience to build a better customer experience

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Faced with new challenges and more budget scrutiny than ever, retail marketers need to reach their best audiences—both current customers and prospects. But that’s much easier said than done: Forrester recently found that 56% of retailers can’t find the right audiences for their online campaigns.

While this is clearly an ongoing issue for many retailers, there have been success stories amidst the COVID chaos. Download this webinar to learn:

  • Why data and connected identity are more critical than ever in a fully digital retail landscape
  • How one retailer was able to increase their total audience reach by 80% and drive a 120% increase in messaged sales through improved identity strategy—during COVID-19
  • How another retailer realized online ROI at 4X the level prior to COVID-19 and saw a 50% increase in incremental e-commerce sales during the COVID-19 quarter compared to a non-COVID period