Building digital resilience: How to succeed without third-party cookies

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There’s been a lot for marketers to lament in the past year—and the imminent reduction in access to third-party identifiers (3PIDs) is part of it. In January 2020, Google announced it would phase out third-party cookies (3PCs) in Chrome, and in June 2020, Apple announced it would require opt-in consent to access their IDFA. These changes limit brands’ options for identifying consumers online.

Brands, adtech companies, agencies and publishers are scrambling to solve for this disruption—with many technical dependencies. Because at the end of the day, the customer experience can’t slip.

Dive into this whitepaper to learn more about the challenges marketers are facing in the cookieless world, plus how to continue to scale digital marketing—without worrying about third-party identifiers (3PIDs).

We’ll cover:

  • How the loss of 3PIDs impacts the way brands collect, onboard, organize and activate data about customers for marketing activities (and why your holistic customer view is at stake).
  • How your martech stack needs to evolve across strategy, technology, data and process to succeed in a world without 3PIDs.
  • How Epsilon, Adobe and Publicis Sapient can help brands build these capabilities through a phased approach—including near-term and long-term wins.