Buyer's Guide: Loyalty programs

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A smart loyalty strategy is the key to growing customer affinity toward your brand. It makes sense: When people love you, they want to stay with you. Loyalty members spend three times more than non-loyalty members, and consumers with an emotional connection to your brand can have four times higher customer lifetime value.

But when you “look under the hood” of many loyalty programs, you’ll find many promise the same thing: short-term, price-based engagements. What you really want is a loyalty program that turns casual customers into lifetime members and continually evolve as you do.

This guide is designed to help you navigate the process and find a loyalty solution that:

  • Provides value for both you and your customers
  • Moves beyond transactional engagement predicated purely on discounts to create data-driven, memorable experiences that fuel long-term relationships from enrollment to beyond
  • Enables scalability and flexibility so that your program evolves as your business grows
  • Helps you measure and prove the value of your loyalty program to business stakeholders

Download our guide to learn more about the essential capabilities and value drivers you should look for in a loyalty solution, and what questions to ask during your evaluation process.