Buyer's Guide: Clean Rooms

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Data clean rooms offer a path forward for marketers who want to deliver personalized, person-based campaigns in a privacy-compliant way. But how do you know which clean room is for you? Solutions run the gamut when it comes to usability, capabilities and price, and it can be hard to narrow down a clean room that fits your needs. Asking the right questions—of yourself and your future vendor—can clear some of the confusion.

This guide is designed to help you navigate the process and find a clean room that: 

  • Builds rich, granular audience insights that drive higher-performing media activation—even if you don't have a lot of first-party data
  • Offers a secure, privacy-safe environment for data aggregation and collaboration that evolves as regulations change 
  • Solves for a variety of use cases and is easy enough for any member of your marketing team to use

Read on to learn more about the essential capabilities and value drivers you should look for in a clean room solution, and what questions to ask during your evaluation process.