Creating contactless loyalty: Q&A with Epsilon and The Wise Marketer

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It's no secret the pandemic has uprooted commonplace loyalty strategies and best practices. The in-person interactions marketers typically relied on to inspire meaningful customer loyalty are now limited. How can marketers find a way to bring a human touch to today's consumer experiences? 

Contactless loyalty is the new reality for not just loyalty marketers, but all marketers. Investing in contactless loyalty allows brands to foster meaningful connections with their customers while addressing the needs of a pandemic-laden world.

In the webinar, Tamara Oliverio, Senior Director, Loyalty & Customer Experience at Epsilon is interviewed by Bill Hanifin, CEO & Managing Editor of The Wise Marketer to discuss the importance of trust during the pandemic, and how brands can start building it today. 

In the session, Bill and Tamara will answer all your contactless loyalty questions, like: 

  • What is contactless loyalty?
  • Why is it important now? 
  • What contactless experiences are prevalent today? 
  • What brands are doing it well? 
  • How can brands get started?