From TikTok to TED Talks

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Younger generations often set the technology trends for their older counterparts. TikTok, which saw increased app use with Gen Z and millennials since the world went into lockdown, is just the latest example in a long list of technologies—from streaming TV to social media to podcasts—that are first adopted by the youth of that period and emanate to society at large.

What does this mean as brands are making media investments? And how did that change in the face of a global pandemic? As the market operates in the “new normal,” brands need to consider media consumption and technology use across channels to better plan where, when and how they execute their marketing strategies.

Using proprietary Epsilon data, an infographic from the inaugural issue of CORE Content offers insights into media consumption and technology use across generations that unveil an in-depth perspective on consumers’ behaviors before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.