Data trends report: Key events that will define marketing in 2024

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There’s a lot going on in 2024: The Summer Olympics are on deck, followed by a presidential election that will take us right into a shortened holiday season.

These big events—ones that only happen once every 4 years—shift how consumers operate and spend their money. And If marketers are smart, they’ll use these shifts to their advantage.

In this report, we’ll get down in the details and compare how consumers spent in the weeks leading up to, during, and after the last time a key event occurred. The goal is to show how these events impacted purchasing behavior and help marketers make strategic decisions around planning for 2024. 

Download the trends report to further explore: 

  • How the consumer market has shifted in the last four years
  • What spend looked like the last time the key event occurred
  • Why these events may have impacted purchasing behavior
  • How to make data-driven decisions around your marketing throughout 2024