Dining dilemma: Consumer sentiment towards restaurants late-pandemic

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Sure, consumer behavior shifted monumentally when the COVID-19 panic first set in—but how do people feel now, almost two years into the pandemic?

The restaurant industry, like many others, was hard hit. Closures, capacity limits and labor shortages all contributed to the uncertainty. But has widespread vaccine availability and general pandemic fatigue created a new—and complicated—relationship with restaurants? 

To find out the answer, we went straight to the source and asked consumers how they felt about restaurant dining at this stage in the pandemic.

In this report, we explore:

  • How guests feel about third-party delivery versus native restaurant ordering
  • Pickup and delivery preferences
  • Why they returned to restaurants and more

Some of the answers may surprise you. We hope these insights reveal valuable new truths about consumers that will help you market to them in 2022 and beyond.