Building engagement and community across channels

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In the new world of digital engagement, customers want to be able to connect in increasingly digital ways and across both physical and remote channels. The challenge now becomes creating a unified experience that can deliver the personalization and engagement that will keep your customers coming back.

Recently, at the eTail Virtual Summit, Lisa Collings, Senior Vice President of Client Development for Epsilon, joined Michelle Horowitz, CMO and Head of Marketing Communications at Blink Fitness; and Sara Resnick, Vice President of Enterprise SEO and Partnerships at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, to discuss engagement across channels.

In this panel, explore the opportunities around the intersection of physical and digital channels to:

  • Create interactive content that aligns with your brand, mission, and message
  • Design experiences that reward engagement and increased touchpoints
  • Find ways to build community between transactions and capitalize on customer loyalty
  • Integrate your channels and design to create an interconnected and personalized user experience