Choosing the right email vendor for your needs, based on the recent Forrester landscape

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Email is the workhorse of marketing channels. Connected TV and mobile might get more attention, but email is more cost-effective and what marketers tend to build their customer relationships around.

So how do you get the most value out of your email budget when vendors often make similar-sounding claims?

Forrester’s Email Marketing Landscape report, Q1 2024, gives an overview of 18 email vendors to help you choose the one that fits your business needs. Epsilon has been recognized among notable vendors and self-reported these extended use cases as the top three that our clients choose us for:

  • Personalization: Customizing each email based on the recipient’s preferences, behavior or context
  • List activation: Driving email subscriptions from new or lapsed customers
  • Deliverability assurance: Getting emails to more recipients through sender reputation management, inbox monitoring and threat detection
To see the full list of email use cases, and to see which vendor might be the right match for your company’s needs, read the report.