Forrester Retail Spotlight: Improve customer experience and optimize with identity resolution

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In retail marketing, the name of the game is knowing who you’re talking to, when and how, which all comes down to identity. 

To better understand how retail brands are using identity management in their marketing, Epsilon-Conversant commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of identity resolution strategies at U.S. enterprises. 

Forrester found that many retail identity resolution programs today fail to truly measure business and marketing performance, and that many programs are not set up on a sufficiently robust set of identifiers to encapsulate the entire customer journey and empower identity resolution’s full set of available benefits. 

Which begs the question: How effective are most retail brands’ marketing efforts? 

The Forrester research assesses how retail marketers are really using identity resolution today, the gaps in their strategies and recommendations to get on the right path.