Future-proof your first-party data strategy: The marketer’s blueprint

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Many marketers are struggling to build a corporate-level first-party data strategy. Especially those managing disconnected brand teams amidst organizational changes and the ever-changing ad tech industry.

In this webinar, Kate Sirkin, EVP of Global Data Partnerships at Epsilon, joined by guest speaker Stephanie Liu, Privacy & Marketing Analyst at Forrester, will lay the groundwork of today’s consumer data landscape and provide a blueprint to help your organization build a strong foundation of data, so you can prepare for what’s to come. They will share clear steps, benefits, and challenges associated with market and category maturity to help marketers win with data-driven strategies from now until post 2024.

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The blueprint will include:

  • Why you need a first-party data strategy
  • Requirements & a step-by-step plan to get started
  • How leading brands are succeeding
  • Criteria to choose the right partner