3 strategies for a successful retail media network

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Retailers of all sizes are looking for new revenue streams these days, while their brand partners are seeking out more access to first-party customer data. Enter the media network.

Of course, the retail media network is nothing new per se: Amazon launched theirs a decade ago. Since then, we've seen a steady rise.

The reason there’s such a rise in popularity for the media network these days is that we now have the technology and expertise available to make media networks profitable for retailers of all sizes—not just the biggest players. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why there’s urgency to build a media network now
  • The vital interplay between on-site and off-site advertising
  • What’s needed to power a robust, modern media network

Even if you’ve started your own media network (as many retailers have), it likely isn’t fully optimized. Download the guide to learn what distinguishes the modern media network from the model of the past.