Harness the power of your loyalty program data

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Your loyalty program is full of rich first-party data, and using it the right way can open up a world of benefits for you and your customers. 

A modern, data-focused loyalty program powers personalized marketing and strategies that evolve with your customers. In a recent Adweek webinar, Neil Tenzer, VP of Customer Loyalty, Insights & Engagement at Tractor Supply Company and Shamba Schmidt, VP of Sales Consulting at Epsilon, discussed the true value of loyalty program data, and how unlocking its power creates better customer experiences and business. 

Discover how leading rural lifestyle retailer Tractor Supply Company (with more than 2,200 U.S. stores) and Epsilon partnered together to create a loyalty program that supports over $10B in sales. 

You'll also learn: 

  • How loyalty programs can drive a data-driven strategy that fuels privacy-forward, personalized marketing 
  • Why identity empowers a clearer view of customer and more granular measurement 
  • How a loyalty-driven first-party data strategy helps Tractor Supply Company use customer analytics to deliver marketing across channels.