Epsilon from home: How to achieve data-driven creative at scale

Communicating to consumers with meaningful and personalized content is essential to connect emotionally. And leveraging data to inform your creative strategy is where personalization comes to life – it fuels the message. Marketers need to understand how they can transition from ‘a good, to better, to best’ data-driven creative strategy.

Now is the time to evaluate your marketing fundamentals that contribute to helping you achieve your data-driven creative goals. For example, review your email architecture system and the current templates you’re integrating into your campaigns – do they allow for you to personalize every part of the message? And consider doing an audit to understand the data you have on file.

Join the Epsilon team in this fun and interactive conversation as they share the ‘recipe for success’ with real brand examples as to how brands can shift from a 1.0 to a 2.0 data-driven creative strategy.