How to connect with consumers across devices post COVID-19

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With more people working from home—on new devices, browsers and IP addresses—the customers you thought you knew are becoming almost unrecognizable in the digital space. At a time when delivering a trusted cross-channel brand experience is key, how confident are you that you can actually connect with each person online today?

In this webinar presented by The Financial Brand, our experts discuss how financial services can truly understand each customer's online and offline interactions to deliver relevant, personalized brand communications. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why financial brands need to identify customers on all devices, especially during times of disruption.
  • Understand the cost of not knowing your customer’s digital identity—and how it impacts your marketing budget and business bottom line.
  • Receive actionable recommendations on how your organization can understand your customer’s identity more fully, to foster positive customer experiences while meeting business and marketing KPIs.