If you don't know your consumers, you'll have no customers

Customer identification is the cornerstone of data-driven marketing today. If marketers don't have good data on their customers and prospects--that's appropriately linked to each person's devices and accounts--they can't execute their marketing strategy effectively. 

Unfortunately, this is a much greater challenge than many marketers think. 

We discussed this topic (and more) at the 2019 CMO Club Fall Summit alongside marketing executives encountering these conversations every day: 

  • Bruce Hershey, VP Marketing, Tailored Brands
  • Ryan Linders, CMO, 360training (formerly with Whole Foods and Sally Beauty)
  • Carol Kruse, CMO Club Member (formerly with Cambria Health Solutions, ESPN and Coca Cola) 

Watch the video to hear from these marketers on how they're solving for identity that drives their marketing.