Breaking down barriers to marketing personalization

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Personalization is considered table stakes for marketing today--but is it really as easy as it seems?

New research from Epsilon shows that consumers view brands negatively when they include inaccurate information about them in their advertising messages, and what's more, 91% of consumers see at least one irrelevant ad every day. One might say the stakes are much higher than the table.

As marketers strive for better, more relevant connections with consumers, it's clear that there are numerous barriers to making it happen. This infographic takes a look at how consumers perceive personalization today and new insight from IDC's Roger Beharry Lall on what barriers exist to making that relevant actually happen. 

Check out the infographic for more insight, and be sure to download both pieces of research for the full scoop:

Epsilon research: The push and pull of personalization

IDC whitepaper: Customer experience suffers without omnichannel alignment