Preparing for a world without third-party cookies

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Despite Google's shifting timeline, third-party cookies (3PCs) are still on their way out.

Adtech and martech companies, agencies and publishers have had some time to adjust to the looming deprecation of third-party cookies. But what does that actually look like?

While there’s been much reporting and speculation by industry pundits, firsthand sentiment is hard to come by. So, Epsilon asked 250+ marketing decision-makers across five verticals to weigh in on the change.

In the research, you will:

  • Explore marketer sentiment, readiness and strategies for 3PC deprecation.
  • Investigate how marketer sentiment towards 3PC deprecation has evolved since Google's first announcement.
  • Hear from retail, CPG, travel, restaurant and financial services marketers on how their brands are affected by the change.
  • Learn our recommendations on how to future-proof your digital media strategy.