Recovery mindset: A phased digital media approach for restaurants

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Restaurants are at a confusing point in their COVID-19 reopening plans. Some states are fully open for dining while others are only open for patio service (or still closed completely). Regardless of which stage of reopening your restaurant brand is in, the sting of the shutdown still lingers. In order for restaurants to rebuild, they need a plan.

In this interactive guide, restaurant marketers will find concrete and actionable recommendations for immediate, near-term and long-term marketing opportunities to boost revenue and get business back on track.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why a revenue recovery plan is essential for during- and post-pandemic marketing plans.
  • Three actionable marketing tactics to employ for immediate, near- and longer-term marketing success as your brand navigates the current pandemic.
  • At the end, we’re offering a quick 15-minute consultation to help your restaurant brand build the right recovery plan based for your unique business needs.