Research Summary: Preparing for a world without third-party cookies

2020 has been a year of seeing online identifiers fade away. In January, Google announced that it’s phasing out third-party cookies (3PCs) in Chrome. In June, Apple made a similar announcement about changes coming to IDFA.

Google and Apple claim that identifier deprecation is about honoring consumer privacy. But it’s also true that these companies’ moves personally benefit them, because their direct customer relationships will keep them relatively unaffected while many other identity solutions are weakened. These moves are disrupting the industry, sending adtech companies, agencies and publishers scrambling. And while there’s been much reporting and speculation on the topic by industry pundits, firsthand marketer sentiment is hard to come by.

So Epsilon went straight to the source and conducted a survey with Phronesis Partners Inc. to find out:

How do marketers feel about these changes? What are they doing to prepare?

This summary provides highlights of our findings.

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