Stop wasting your retail media budget: Why accurate measurement is key

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For many brands, navigating retail media budgets can be challenging. Brand marketers often struggle with knowing where (and how much) to allocate budget to get the biggest bang for their buck.

But all is not lost. Brands can—and should—advocate for themselves and work with retail media networks equipped to give them accurate and granular measurement that supports smarter budgets, less ad waste and better customer connections. In this Adweek webinar, "Stop wasting your retail media budget: Why accurate measurement is key," Dave Peterson, global head of retail media at Epsilon, and guest speaker Nikhil Lai, senior analyst at Forrester, discuss what brands should look for when forming retail media partnerships and how they can start instituting a more effective strategy today.

Key takeaways: 

  • Brands serve an important role within a retail media network, and harnessing that power requires defining (and refining) purpose, goals and strategy.
  • Effective cross-channel targeting of verified retailer shoppers—not devices—requires a strong, person-based identity solution that spans multiple channels and devices.
  • Actionable insights need accurate, granular measurement that go beyond reach to understanding your campaign successes.