Expand beyond your bank data to grow customer ROI

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As the world shifts to a new digital era, financial services institutions need to shape their marketing and communications to recognize customer priorities and respond to their changing financial needs. Unfortunately, banks are not typically the first to know when a customer starts to plan for a major life event or financial decision.

For banks to really understand their customers, they need to build more complete customer profiles that not only reflect who their customers are, but what they do, and what they care about. Learn what financial services marketers can do to make their marketing work harder—and what that looks like in real life. In this webinar, learn how:

  • To leverage multiple datasets to create dynamic customer profiles that will uncover indicators of “in-market” signals and emerging needs
  • Third-party cookie deprecation will affect your omnichannel marketing—from audience creation to attribution
  • Identity-based, future-proof solutions can create a foundation to identify individual needs, plus connect in a timely, relevant way