The brand marketer's guide to retail media spend

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As the world shifts to be more digital-centric, brands—and retailers—are reimagining how advertising can speak to customers. Retail media networks are taking a tried-and-true tradition of brands advertising directly with retailers and driving it into our new digital world: on websites, in apps and even through connected TV.

In a Goldman Sachs report, 82% of CPG brands surveyed said they’re already investing in at least one retail media platform. And according to the Path to Purchase Institute, marketers haven’t found one retail media network that reigns superior when it comes to capturing personal behavior data coupled with actual sales data.

We know it can be difficult to evaluate which retail media networks to engage. So what criteria should you be looking at, and what can you expect to get out of your partnerships?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What differentiates an adequate retail media network from a highly effective, data-driven one
  • Why on-site and off-site advertising are needed to maximize your budget
  • What questions you should ask of your retail media partners