The great reshuffling of shoppers

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What does “The Great Reshuffling” mean for your brand?

The term is being used to describe employees, but “The Great Reshuffling” could also describe consumer behavior over the past few years. Many people have tried new brands during the pandemic or shifted away from brands they were previously loyal to as their lifestyles changed.

Marketers need to refine their understanding of these new customers—and dive deeper into why existing customers may have lapsed. We decided to understand these shifts in consumer behavior by asking consumers themselves. 

This report digs into how: 

  • New, lapsed and re-engaged customers engage with brands in the pandemic.
  • The contactless world is changing consumer behaviors, habits and preferences, indicating relevant, purposeful shifts that brands need to account for in the longer term. 
  • Brands should engage with new and re-engaged customers, and previously loyal customers who are now lapsed.