Marketing's identity crisis: A world without cookies and IDFA


If cookies and IDFA aren't the future…what is? 

Many questions remain unanswered, so we gathered some experts from across the advertising ecosystem and organized a virtual roundtable to discuss the challenges and trends we’re seeing and hearing on the ground. 

Loch Rose, Chief Analytics Officer at Epsilon was joined by Tina Moffett, senior analyst at Forrester, Jay Glogovsky, Senior Director of Revenue Analytics and Operations at The New York Times and Helen Lin, Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Media. We dug into the big questions on marketers’ minds, like:

  • Were third party cookies ever that great in the first place? 
  • Should we embrace first party data? 
  • How do you now identify consumers to personalize their journey and give them a great experience? 
  • How can marketers future-proof their identity strategies? 
  • How will these changes impact overall marketing performance, attribution and measurement?