Visitor demand engine: How to drive revenue to your destination

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After a lackluster couple of years, US travel and tourism are predicted to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

Destination marketers are tasked with boosting visitation and driving local economic impact. With a crowded martech and adtech landscape, along with misleading KPIs, destination marketers need to not only justify spend and prove marketing impact, but also maximize digital media performance and drive real business outcomes for their destinations.

In this session, learn how you can create a hyper-efficient, outcome-driven demand engine for your destinations that attracts the right visitors — all while proving that every dollar spent on marketing efforts yields positive economic impact. Additionally, you'll get a dive deep into the three fundamental demand stages.

Key learnings will include how to:

  • Acquire net new visitors
  • Identify hand raisers ready to travel in your consideration set
  • Maintain current share of vacation by retaining past/loyal visitors
  • Measure the direct, unmodeled impact for every dollar invested

Session speakers:

  • David Chastain – VP of Travel & Tourism, Epsilon
  • Kristen Reynolds – President/CEO, Discover Long Island
  • Coryn Briggs – Director of Digital Marketing, Traverse City Tourism, Michigan