Why identifier deprecation won't kill the open web

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Many marketers are concerned that third-party identifier deprecation will threaten their ability to reach people on the open web. But with the right solutions and partners, brands can not only still reach in-market customers at scale, wherever they are, but also achieve better results than they did with cookies.

Loch Rose, Epsilon’s chief analytics officer, and guest speaker Tina Moffett, principal analyst at Forrester, discuss new research and insights on identifier deprecation and what marketers can do today—and tomorrow—to deliver high-performing campaigns. 

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  • What marketers believe are their greatest pain points right now
  • How the right tools and strategies can empower an omnichannel approach across the open web that surpasses the third-party cookie-driven capabilities of yesterday
  • How strong identity resolution that respects consumer privacy enables better measurement and person-based marketing regardless of data deprecation