Podcast episodes

Leveraging Loyalty to Build Your Brand

Paul Davies shares his global perspective on how loyalty marketing is evolving, particularly in Asian markets that have traditionally focused on customer acquisition.


The increasing importance of Loyalty in a changing media landscape

Hear about some huge changes that are unfolding in the world of digital media and how, and when they are likely to affect loyalty program owners. Featuring Elliot Clayton.


121 loyalty, contactless loyalty,  and emotional loyalty

Learn about the consumers changing perception of value and how brands are re-inventing their loyalty programs in response. Featuring Tamar Oliverio and Julie Smith.


Dell's global loyalty lead - exploring gamification

In this episode, Mitch Kennedy speaks about Dell's loyalty program, with a particular focus on the exciting things they have done through gamification. 


Loyalty insights from Epsilon

In this podcast, Joseph Taylor talks about the changes, challenges and opportunities for Loyalty programs today. 

Loyalty trends in APAC

In this episode, Ashish Sinha discusses the trends shaping the loyalty landscape, and how clients are adapting to the new normal with innovative strategies.