Epsilon collects business and consumer data that is used by marketers and advertisers to communicate relevant messages and offers about products and services they sell. We believe it’s important to be transparent with our consumers by providing an opportunity to view that data, and allowing an easy way to delete or restrict it.

You may request Epsilon take specific action regarding personal information collected for you.

• Refrain from selling your personal information
• Delete your personal information
• Provide access to your personal information

Personal information is collected and accessed in the process of providing and reporting on digital advertising campaigns using Epsilon’s Conversant platform. The Conversant platform does not maintain personal information that directly identifies consumers, such as name and address. Rather the Conversant platform recognizes consumers online, using identifiers such as Cookie IDs. Requests pertaining to these identifiers are submitted directly to the Conversant platform:

  • Click here to opt-out of the sale of your personal information processed by the Conversant platform.
  • Click here to delete or access your personal information processed by the Conversant platform.

Scroll down to request opt-out of sale, deletion, or access of your personal information processed by Epsilon outside of the Conversant platform.

Epsilon supports offline marketing campaigns using personal information collected about consumers. Submit an opt-out, deletion and access requests pertaining to offline data using the form below.

Identity Verification:
Deletion and access report requests require verifying your identity. Epsilon will provide the personal information you submit below to a service provider who supplies identity verification services to Epsilon. The service provider will ask a series of questions to confirm your identity. Those questions are based on information the service provider has collected from public records and are not based on information collected by Epsilon.

Once your identity is verified, Epsilon will process your request, by either deleting your personal information or delivering your consumer access report to the email address you provide.

Requests for “do not sell my personal information” will be processed without verifying your identity.

If you prefer not to submit your request online, you can call our support team at (866) 267-3861.

If you need additional information please see the Epsilon privacy policy.

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