Consumer Data Privacy: Prepare to Face the Future

Epsilon’s approach to consumer data privacy builds on practices that have been in place for many years. Epsilon is committed to doing business with companies and organizations that uphold the same high level of legal, ethical and marketing standards. We actively support the efforts of industry organizations that advocate on behalf of Epsilon, clients and the companies comprised in the consumer marketing data sector, including the ANA, NAI (Board Member) and Not for Profit Alliance (Board Member).

Privacy Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Through our participation with several industry trade associations, we support “Privacy for America” and their work with the U.S. Congress to develop and adopt Federal consumer data privacy legislation.

Among its many endeavors and extensive efforts across our business, Epsilon continues to lead a collaborative working group, comprised of many providers in our industry to coalesce around a common approach to the CCPA.

Long before the CCPA was passed in the summer of 2018, Epsilon had laid the foundation for safeguarding consumer choices and applying them across audiences delivered for client use, for all marketing channels.

As part of Epsilon’s efforts to comply with the CCPA, Epsilon:

  • Made updates to Epsilon’s U.S. website and privacy policy to comply with the CCPA and the new Nevada law;
  • Performed assessments and validated system- and network-security best practices outlined in CIS Controls™;
  • Reviewed and updated maps documenting the flow of data into Epsilon data and technology assets, across Epsilon lines of business, to and from clients and service providers;
  • Engaged partners, suppliers, service providers and clients to determine process changes needed to support compliance requirements for each party;
  • Updated to incorporate required notices, navigation and modifications, including creation of a new consumer request form and internal processes to support timely management of requests.

Providing Consumers Transparency and Choice

The Epsilon Consumer Preference Center provides easy access to consumer privacy-related information, including:

  • Privacy policy
  • Educational information
  • Opt-out through the online request form or through a toll-free phone number
  • Access report request form

The Consumer Preference Center puts consumers in direct contact with representatives who provide support, including capturing opt-out and access report requests.

As of January 1, 2020, Epsilon is prepared to receive and process within 45 days specific privacy requests from California residents, submitted via web and telephone, including:

  • Deletion of consumers’ personal information for verified requests;
  • Reporting on personal information collected over the past 12 months for verified requests;
  • Processing of consumer requests for opt-outs from future sales.

In our role as a trusted partner to clients, Epsilon remains committed to having a leadership role in shaping the changing privacy landscape.