The Power of Prediction with Data

Data is an incredibly powerful tool for helping brands and businesses to get a clearer picture of their customers. By understanding the numbers behind their audience, they can communicate with them in a more timely way. But while data gives you a broad view of your audience, it takes something more to ensure you’re speaking to them at the right time and in the right place.

At this year’s Tech Connect conference on May 25th, Epsilon MD for EMEA, Phil Cottier, spoke about the power of prediction. He mentioned that even though companies gather data, not all know how to analyse it effectively to determine trends or the journeys their customers take. Understanding this helps brands to make their message more meaningful. “The auto industry is getting better at this,” said Cottier. “Companies, like Jaguar, know how hard a driver presses on the accelerator or the brake over time. This tells them what kind of driver they are and what types or products or services they may be interested in”. And this is why Epsilon build complex lifecycles, which adapt to customers and identify key moments in their engagement.

Those who joined us at Tech Connect might have noticed our banners – striking images of colourful ink accompanied by the words “Look beyond what you thought was possible”. The images showed the beautiful and fascinating science of chromatography - a technique for separating mixtures into their individual components. Chromatography looks beyond the whole to see the individual within it which is a beautiful metaphor for what we do for our clients.

We look beyond the numbers at the people who make up the data and help brands to find a voice that will resonate. Because the right message delivered at exactly the right time, can be heard over the noise of the thousands of messages competing for a person’s attention.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to speak with us at Tech Connect on May 25th.