The 5 keys to connecting with real people -Part I: connecting with consumers in a fragmented world

To be able to speak to consumers with accurate and compelling messages, marketers need one view of them across all the channels and devices they own and engage with. In our white paper this month, we look at the five key issues that marketers need to be aware of to help them to connect with real people.

Consumers generate data every time they make a transaction. For marketers, as each consumer is surrounded by more and more data, across a numberof devices, building an accurate picture of the individual becomes their biggest challenge. Getting one coherent view, without compromising privacy, is not straightforward. Many brands end up working with a number of partners and combine data from a range of sources to compile an approximate profile, but too often this fragmented approach leads to a fragmented view.

Working with a fragmented picture can present a number of obstacles. It means marketers don’t have one view of each individual consumer. It often doesn’t take online and offline CRM data into account, which weakens the accuracy of the consumer identity. There are further problems surrounding the data in that it can offer only transient, snapshot views of customers that do not last.

How should marketers respond to this challenge? What is the solution to this fragmented approach? Conversant believes that to truly market at the level of the individual consumer, any approach must focus on five key categories.

  • Recognition: it should recognise each consumer as a person, not as just part of a segment
  • Reach: it should have enough scale to reach a significant portion of your audience
  • Accuracy: its identification of consumers should be verifiably accurate
  • Persistence: it should retain persistent identification for consumers throughout their lifetimes
  • Privacy: the data should be anonymised and maintained within strict privacy guidelines

Conversant has invested more than a billion dollars in research and development on a solution that excels in each of these five key areas. Over the coming month we will be looking in more detail at each of these key categories and assessing the benefits of Conversant’s coherent and coordinated approach.

Next blog post 30 March 2016: ‘The 5 keys to connecting with real people: recognition and reach’