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Responsive design coming to Gmail


Last week the email community was buzzing, as Gmail announced they will be supporting embedded styles and media queries (code applied to email that allows for responsive design support) by the end of September. This is a big announcement as it means elements like responsive design will be supported by Gmail, which has more than […]

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Unifying big data and customer experience


You’d have to be asleep to avoid articles and advertisements focused on big data analytics and driving new insights around customer behavior.  And next to all of these articles, you’d see a call for delivering a consistent and highly personalized experience for all users across all devices. Each discipline demands deep functional expertise and its own […]

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Healthcare marketing: Evolving the sphere of influence


Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a busy bunch, even more time and resource constrained than your average marketer.  Being an effective marketer in today’s hectic pharma-world requires a finely balanced equation that is part data science and part art. These two pieces together must allow you to understand how to interpret and translate said data into […]


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