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AOL hard-bounce email issue


On the evening of 3/29 between approximately 8pm – 9:30pm eastern time (ET), AOL suffered a technical issue where every email sent to them received a “recipient address rejected” reply.  This means any deployments actively attempting deliveries in that time frame may have caused valid AOL (and affiliated domain) addresses to be flagged invalid for future […]

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5 tips for improving your email creative strategy


Email certainly isn’t the new, cool kid on the block, it’s been around for quite some time. Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer, sent the first email in 1971 and introduced the also sign (@) as the locator in email addresses. 45 years later, email has advanced from a means of personal communication to one of […]


Why services are a key to success in omnichannel marketing


The shift from a single channel marketing mindset has happened. Marketers are integrating online and offline efforts to gain a true understanding of our customers’ behavior. Technology innovations have kept pace as marketers continue to enhance their omnichannel strategy, developing new programs to send dynamic, real-time content that is relevant to the individual consumer. Achieving […]

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