The Weekly Round-Up: 14.07.18

In its new series, The Weekly Round-Up, Epsilon will take a look at the most prolific moments in the industry over the past week.

Keep the customer satisfied

18 months ago, Pointy, was little more than a twinkle in our retailers’ eyes, now the small hardware boxes are fast becoming a fixture in outlets across UK, Ireland, Canada and the U.S.

The tech startup, whose funding has reached $19 million in the past year strives to bridge the gap between traditional retailers and online audiences, helping brick-and-mortar outfits to compete with e-commerce sites.

The boxes, which are now situated in over 5,000 shops worldwide, connect to a retailer’s barcode scanner, logging the store's product selection, making them easy to find online.

The secret to their success? Focusing on customer satisfaction, or so chief executive, Mark Cummins, told Fora.  

Cummins told the Irish online publication

“Our main target at the moment is just about user growth and user happiness. Those are the main KPIs we track internally. Revenue I think will be a goal maybe next year or a little bit further down the line.”

Source: Pointy

Football’s staying put

Wednesday night, in the 109th minute, England kissed their World Cup dreams goodbye. A team, a nation in mourning. But amidst this despair who among us has spared a thought for the brands flying the ‘Coming Home’ flag in their summer campaigns.

Ogilvy and British Airways gave the idea wings with a social campaign featuring a very optimistic plane ticket.

Source: Twitter


Virgin Trains went one further, putting their money where their mouth is and lifted all restrictions on tickets to get fans home for what turned out to be extra-time tragedy.

Source: Twitter


But really, whether you love it or hate it, it’s Marmite’s overly expectant label that will remain ingrained in our heads.


Facebook Ads take on Augmented Reality

Earlier this week Facebook announced the launch of its Video Creation Kit an advertising tool created to help retailers engage with their customers on a more personal level through mobile.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, more than 80 million people in the US are engaging with AR on a monthly basis and the numbers are expected to grow to more than 120 million by 2021. Taking these stats into consideration, Facebook is putting its best foot forward and offering this medium to their clients as a way to further interact with its audiences.

Successful brands who have used AR ads so far include Michael Kors and Sephora.

Source: Facebook

Rare Stripes

A grrreat collaboration is coming our way from alcohol giant, Tiger Beer, fashion brand, Kenzo and nature advocacy group, WWF. The partnership will work with a variety of artists to create an exclusive clothing collection, Rare Stripes, proceeds of which will go to helping endangered species of tigers. The collection will be part of TX2, a six-year initiative with the global goal to double the world’s wild tiger population by 2022. It is reported that wild tigers are currently diminishing at an alarming rate, with the figure dropping from 100,00 to around 3,890 over the last century.

Source: Facebook

Big data means big results

That’s according to top marketers anyway. Representatives from Coca-Cola, Lazada, Zuji, Johnson & Johnson, Income, Fonterra, and Skyscanner met earlier this week to discuss the ever burning question of data usage and naturally, the topics of safety and transparency were examined.

The scope for more accurate measurement and metrics seems to be one of the most exciting possibilities for the increase of data. Still, according to Jason Huan, chief marketing officer Singapore at Lazada a certain fear of data remains among brands, audiences and agencies alike.

Source: The Drum


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